Oysters… What do they taste like? Well, one might say they taste like the ocean, with a hint of brininess. Some oysters can have distinct flavors which vary from region to region. In fact, depending on what kind of water it’s grown in, an oyster could be described as sweet, earthy, spicy or even slightly floral! You’ll never know what kind of flavorful surprise awaits until you take a bite— you may even find a small crab in your oyster, which is also edible!

At CudaCo, we serve a variety of locally grown South Carolina oysters, and they are an absolute favorite here in the lowcountry. South Carolina oysters taste like a mixture of the breeze coming off the shoreline and the sun’s last rays of the day, crafted into what can only be called ocean candy. These briny beauties will leave you with a salty and sweet taste that nothing else can fully replicate. We dare you to try them and find out what they really taste like!

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us at CudaCo Seafood House in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina!

What do Fried Oysters Taste Like?

Great question! We love this one. Fried oysters are truly delicious! There’s nothing quite like them–the crispy coating is the perfect complement to the soft center of the oyster. The flavor can be described as a succulent, buttery combination of ocean-freshness and mild spices. A few slices of fresh lemon give it an extra lively and zesty kick. 

Fried oysters make an amazing appetizer or snack, and they’re an excellent way to enjoy seafood in a different form than what you’re used to. Come on down to CudaCo and we’ll show you what Fried Oysters are all about.

What do Baked Oysters Taste Like?

One of our favorites, the baked oyster. These are absolutely one of the best ways to prepare oysters! If you’ve ever tasted fried oysters, you’re familiar with the distinct briny aroma and crunchy fried shell. But if you’re ready for a more delicate flavor experience and a softer texture, baked oysters are an absolute delicacy.

When cooked in an oven, they release their succulent juices and maintain their plumpness. The result? A buttery morsel that tastes like the sea and melts in your mouth. Whether eaten plain or gently seasoned, baked oysters deliver both a unique flavor that hits all of your taste buds and an unforgettable culinary experience.

Ok, All this Sounds Great. Where can I buy Oysters?

CudaCo!! We got the oysters. Come on by and check out huge selection of oysters. Our fried oysters are lightly battered with the perfect crunch and our baked oysters are perfect for anyone wanting a delicious meal. Or, try our house oysters, guaranteed to pack a unique and delicious punch. For the most discerning palate, our premium oysters promise an unparalleled level of quality with truly unforgettable taste. Stop in today and grab your own tasting experience at CudaCo!

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