Cuda co Seafood Market

Cuda Co. Fresh Seafood Market

CudaCo. was founded on the premise of providing fresh, sustainably sourced seafood to the greater Charleston community.

Therefore, our #1 priority is in sourcing: we look locally first and then regionally– supporting companies that align with our ethos and ethics. On any given day, we have a variety of the freshest local and national seafood offerings- our market is based on sustainability and sourcing vs. demand.

Packaging is another key priority at CudaCo. We work with companies to ensure the highest standards of quality at the lowest possible carbon footprint for all of our products. It is essential to us that we become changemakers in the industry, as such, we invite you to be part of the movement knowing that your purchase helps support a more sustainable future for aquaculture.

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On any given day, we have a fresh new display of seafood for your selection. Below are a few examples of our most popular items that are frequently in stock, as well as some of our CudaCo. seasonal specials.


  • Local SC Oysters
    Kiawah cups, Second sisters
  • Select Oysters
    House (VA, MD) + Premium (from all over the East Coast, ranging from here in our backyard all the way up to Maine)
  • Local Bulls Bay Clams
    tumbled by the ocean currents that result in hard shell exterior & nice meat interior
  • Local McClellanville Shrimp
    (chem free)
  • Prince Edward Island Mussels
    sourced from one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world
  • Nantucket Sea Scallops
  • Snow Crab
  • King Crab
  • Lobster Tails


  • Tuna
    Yellow fin & big eye
  • Grouper
    Black, snowy, red, yellow edge, wreckfish
  • Salmon
    from Patagonia, Chile
  • Snapper
    B liners, American reds
  • Sea Trout
    local SC
  • Mahi
    very sustainable, getting to full size within one year
  • Swordfish
    local favorite, steak style filets great for grilling and seasoning
  • Triggerfish
    an under-desired fish in years past, great example of how lesser sought after fish can become more popular as chefs highlight them
  • Sea Bass
    highly available and sustainably managed, found up and down the East Coast
  • Flounder
    sourced from the Carolinas, provides amazing ‘flounder roe’
  • Halibut
    caught off the coast of the NE, the original ceviche fish
  • Porgy
  • Squirrel Fish
  • Whiting
  • Lionfish

In order to ensure the best possible market experience, we butcher your fish based on your preferences and prepare the ‘whole fish’ so it’s easier for you to cook at home. We also carry an array of skewers, flavored and seasoned ready to go on your grill or cast iron skillet, as well as an assortment of frozen and ready-to-eat items to make dinner as simple and delicious as possible.

oyster roast catering Charleston sc


Local Clusters
Our local oysters that grow wild here in the Low Country. We source these from our local community and share them with friends and family during our ‘oyster roasts,’ one of the most Charlestonian activities one can engage in. Why eat Local Low Country Oysters?

The Kiawah Cup
Our own single oysters which we think are one of the best oysters in the world. Want to learn more about Local SC Oysters?

Super Soft Shell Crabs
Chris John has developed these with local peeling houses where the crabs are ‘plucked’ out of the tanks early before the shell leathers too much. These crabs can be delivered quickly and daily to our local markets making the ‘super softies’ a nice option for local restaurants.

Roe Shrimp

Crawfish Boil
In season we take special orders for these critters, they help fertilize rice fields, which makes them a sustainability all star.

Pints of Oysters from NC
no need to put in work, they have been shucked for you!

Lump Blue Crab
a must for crab cakes!

Our staff is always prepared to answer questions about any market or menu items – they are experts in helping choose the right selections, flavor profiles and pairings.


‘Fresh’ isn’t just a term to us, it’s our promise to you. It is essential to us that we provide fresh seafood, and balance that with sustainability practices to minimize waste. Therefore, our practice is to identify each individual cut of seafood’s “peak freshness” time frame. Once that has passed, we work to incorporate it into our prepared food or our smoked grab-and-go items.

Our goal is zero waste; therefore, once we receive products from our suppliers, we take care in the butchery of the fish to use or donate as much as possible:

  • Fish scales are donated to local farms

  • Fish trim is used to make pet treats

  • Bones and unusable parts of the fish are used in the creation of stocks

Have questions about our sustainability practices or market items?